Saturday, March 24, 2012

TWINS: 365 days of Twinipedia - Day 97

Day Ninety-seven of Twinipedia Facts

Fact #97
Myths about twins...
  • They are always competitive
  • They will always be best friends
  • They always have an ESP connection
  • They will wish they were singletons
  • They must be in the same classroom together to feel secure.
  • They must always be in different classrooms to feel like individuals and like their own person
  • They should always be dressed the same
  • They should always be dressed differently
  • They are genetically exactly the same if they are identical twins
  • ...
Seems to us, no one myth has it right.  
We say, Raise your twins the best way you can and fulfill their needs and hopes.  Don't worry about the expectations and stereotypes of others out there.  
Let them become who they were meant to be, and everything else will fall into place.!!

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