Monday, April 2, 2012

Cribs for Twins - Would you use this Double-Decker Twin Crib?

 Lower gated area for baby #1.  Upper area for baby #2 

This crib seems very European to me.  It reminds me of furniture you would find in those little apartments found all over cities like Copenhagen, Denmark or Stockholm, Sweden.  I can totally picture those parents using this Double-Decker style crib to accommodate the small space their family shares.  

twin cribI like the idea a lot.  Kind of reminds me of the small-space friendly Over/Under washer drier set-ups, well except the fact that the baby on top could fall out of the upper part instead of just being a t-shirt fall to the ground.

I think if the upper crib had some roof-top like safety system on it, I may be more okay with this.  And it would HAVE to be anchored to the wall for stability.  

I definitely think it is pretty cool though and if I had twin infants, I think I would consider it.

Check out this video from, showing the small, simple spaces that Denmark families share.  This video will make clearer how this crib could come in handy in some spaces.

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