Sunday, April 8, 2012

Twins - 365 Days of Twinipedia: Day 112 | Ever hard of Twin Escalation Syndrome?

Day One-Hundred and twelve of Twinipedia 

Fact #112
Ever hard of Twin Escalation Syndrome?
We hadn't until now but once we knew what it was we knew exactly what they were describing.  

"The term Twin Escalation Syndrome, is defined as the tendency of multiples to intensify and expand their behaviors in reaction to each other." shares some examples of this syndrome...

TES happens when for example, "Twin A cries, Twin B cries louder. In turn, Twin A cries even louder. And so on, and so on... Until the parents are crying the loudest of all."  (LOL - that last part is so true).
Older twins may tap their pencil while doing homework to catch mom or dads attention. The second twin may then start to click their tongue louder then the pencil tapping twin in order to divert attention back to them self.  Then the first twin taps louder and this cycle of noise goes on and on.

Twins will always be competing for attention in one way or another.  It is inevitable in most multiples lives since they have to share their parents attention while at the same developmental stages in their lives where needs can be high or low depending on the time frame. 

Consistent discipline and expectations for both twins will be important behavior techniques parents of multiples will need to use. Plus loving them both for who they are as individuals will help reduce twin competitiveness since they will feel secure in who they are as a person.

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  1. Yes, Xanax is the best Rx for this syndrome(for Mommy of course). Seriously, this is interesting. I've always noticed it with my girls. It's become increasingly worse recently. I don't know if it's from being in school or just their age (they are 6) but the jealousy issue has become increasingly problematic. You can love them all your heart can but I truly think this is more of a sister issue that is intensified by being a twin. I would do this when I was little but my sis was 5 years older. I can't imagine that we would have survived being twins.