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$15 Amazon Gift Card & Novel "Ghellow Road" - Book Bonanza Giveaway Event!

$15 Amazon Gift Card & Novel "Ghellow Road" - Book Bonanza Giveaway Event!

$15 Amazon Gift Card & Novel: Book Bonanza 

Review & Giveaway EVENT!

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Book Review By MamaLuvsBooks: I just finished reading "Ghellow Road" by,T.H. Waters. I am personally a HUGE fan of biographies! I read True Crime novels, biographies, and watch Lifetime Movie Network True Stories ALL THE TIME! This book was definitely the kind of novel I enjoy reading. Not only was it a personal coming-of-age story, but it was also very well-written. The author had a beautiful way about describing things throughout the book, as well as revealing her most inner thoughts and emotions. You very much get attached to the main character Theresa (who happens to be the author). You constantly want to find out what happens next, and I would actually be interested in reading a follow-up book to learn what happened to her in college and beyond.

The story itself takes the reader through the a journey of the author's life. It shows the impact a mental illness can have on all members of a family and how even in awful circumstances one can overcome all with strength and will for life. It shows how someone can proceed with a fulfilled life if they have a desire to, even with enduring tragic events and an unsettled daily lifestyle. You MUST read this story to see what I am talking about. You will be sucked in too!


1.  It is very well-written and descriptive.
2.  It has short chapters that makes you KEEP on reading!
3.  The character development is great because you feel for the characters and care about them.
4.  It leaves you wanting to know more and read more.
5.  It gives a great inside look at families that deal with mental illnesses.
6.  It shows that one can overcome almost anything and strive to be the best they can!
7. It is a biography that is written as more a fictional novel than just a fact-telling essay.
Here's how to get a copy:
WIN this awesome book in my Book Bonanza giveaway! The author, T.H. Waters, will send you a signed copy of this book. In fact, she is SO generous that I have two novels and two Kindle e-books to giveaway!!! The more you do on the Rafflecopter the more chances you will have to win! A few entries are mandatory, as our author and wonderful blog sponsor's have put this package together for you! There are somebonus entries as well. Good Luck!!! Don't forget you can also purchase this wonderful book at
Author - T.H. Waters

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the author for review, but all opinions are mine and mine alone.
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